Diversity IQ Blind Spots

Ask a company executive – CEO, marketing exec, HR person – how they’re doing when it comes to diversity, and the probable response is “we’ve got this,” or something like it.

But even smart people don’t see what they don’t see. And most have an expensive blind spot in ageism.

That might be you too, a diversity IQ gap that hurts people and repels customers. Given psychographic and demographic changes across society it could cost you your business future, too.

Americans who become more experienced over time learn more about how to spend money on things and experiences they enjoy, desire or need, also learn who it is that respects them.

Companies spend billions refining language and marketing that appeals to multinational, gender and race segments, but ignore people they apparently label as “old.” Doing so makes claims of corporate values and ethics somewhat hypocritical. Continue Reading

Are You Talking to Me? QSE Partner Speaking to PRSA Suburban Chicago Sept. 9th

Do you know who your audience is?
Are you sure?
And are they listening?
Don’t be so sure.

Quicksilver Edge Managing partner Debra Bethard-Caplick is bringing her message on the dangers of taking audience identification for granted when planning your communication campaign to the members of the Public Relations Society of America Suburban Chicago chapter. Debra will be speaking to chapter members at their monthly meeting at 6:00 pm September 9th at DOC Winebar, Lombard, Illinois.

Grouping customers by race, age and gender isn’t enough in a world that demands personalization. People are so much more than the sum of their characteristics. Professional communicators in all disciplines, from PR to sales to advertising, must focus on psychographics that go beyond statistical categories to identify target audiences by shared generational attitudes and lifestyle preferences if they want their audiences to get the message. Debra will take you on a tour of your audience’s mind, and how to connect the dots between attitudes and messaging when preparing your next campaign.

Nonmembers are welcome to attend the evening. Quicksilver Edge is offering a limited number of discounted registrations to the event. Just use the code “fallfun14” to save $15 off the nonmember rate of $40 when registering.

In addition to her role with QSE, Debra is the chair of the PRSA Midwest District and the immediate past president of PRSA Suburban Chicago. She is a Life Member of the International Association of Business Communicators and is the Chief Ambassador of the Illinois Jaycees. She is a nationally recognized speaker, and also teaches PR and advertising writing at DePaul University.

About PRSA:
Professional development opportunities designed for busy PR professionals. Monthly dinner programs on dynamic, thought-provoking topics. Cost-saving opportunities to participate in national teleconferences and webinars. One of the best accreditation coaching programs in the country. These are just three of the reasons the Suburban Chicago chapter of PRSA is your premier resource for public relations networking and professional growth in the greater Chicagoland area.

Program Information:
Tuesday, September 9th
Networking – 6:00 pm
Dinner and program – 6:30 pm

Visit www.prsascc.org for additional information.


Avoid Change at Your Own Peril – But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

Randy Pausch, author of The Last Lecture, had it right. We always think we have more time than we do.  This is as true of business as it is individual life. As others have rightly said before, it’s a sad mistake that we spend so much time endlessly waiting for tomorrow.   One day, you wake up and realize that there IS no more time to try what you promised you would, or to accomplish what you assumed you could. But then there you are. Wishing, mulling over the past, maybe cursing your bad luck while, if we’re honest, where we are and how things are largely about our own choices.

In 2035, 21 years from now, businesses and business owners who are thriving today could be on the far outside of success, outside a bubble looking in.  If this turns out to be someone you know, it could be because that person put off then-uncomfortable change in attitude and strategy that could have permanently changed things for the better. Continue Reading

Marketing to Boomers? You’re Doing it Wrong.

As the managing partner of a PR firm specializing in generational communication, explaining what I do for a living to a college student the other day, I was met with a puzzled look. “Why do you need to focus on a specific generation? It’s the same product you’re promoting either way.”

Well, yes it is, but it isn’t. The reason we decided to focus on generational communication and marketing is simple. We’ve seen too many businesses waste money developing messaging that is at best irrelevant and at worst insults the target audience – and most of us here at QSE are Boomers. Continue Reading