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Quicksilver Edge, an agency of experienced professionals began as an ah-ha! moment response to an outpouring of sentiment on marketplace ageism.  Founding member John Castagna started a LinkedIn© group discussion about ageism in the public relations profession.  Soon, LinkedIn participants shared scores of accounts of their own subtle — and sometimes overt — ageist encounters.   Conversation turned to marketing.  Again, an outpouring.  Finally, Debra Bethard-Caplick quipped, “All of us “overqualified”  public relations pros should band together to form a new firm and beat the socks off the competition!”

And there it was. A thunderbolt. Bam. The beginnings of Quicksilver Edge Communications.
Advancing Technology
Quicksilver Edge Strategic Communications was created to do public relations the right way – PR that respects, elevates and truly engages end customers.  PR that recognizes people, not cartoon or cliché versions of people of experience who have money to spend and, like Mr. Spock, know what it is to  live long and prosper.
We build tailored strategic integrated public relations and marketing communications that really knows customers and how to reach them.
We cultivate relationships with the under-tapped, over-35 or 40 consumer market, mature populations and customers.
We work with you to build a comprehensive integrated communications strategy for your company that cuts through the clutter and “noise” bombarding customers.  This perpetually connected world demands that businesses who want to succeed do more than just blindly send out messages – you have to listen to your customers and respond to their concerns.
We deliver.  This is strategic communications custom-designed for your needs and emerging marketplace opportunity.
As today’s wired marketplace re-creates the consumer landscape, it’s easy to get caught up the excitement of change and new ways to communicate. People like what’s shiny and new.  But one-size-fits-all approaches are always a mistake.
Customers adapt to change at different rates. Quicksilver Edge is tuned in.  We can help you implement the right language, visuals, technology and traditional communications mix.  One that doesn’t abandon loyal customers or turn off others, while helping and attracting new customers to adopt, adapt and buy what you have to sell.
These are consumers who are waiting for someone to approach them with the respect and the messaging they can relate to and buy.
Quicksilver Edge knows the power of the over-35 audience to exert social, political and economic change. As the largest generation in the nation’s history, Baby Boomers spend more than $2 trillion annually. Gen Xers, born after 1964, are no slouches either. They spend more than $1 trillion each year. And then there’s the Millennials….
The pros at Quicksilver Edge know how to reach these audiences with messages that sing, advocate causes,  challenge conventional wisdom and sell products.
With decades of collective experience, we understand this audience because we are this audience!

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