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Specialty Panel - Games 1Steam Greenlight. Xbox Live Arcade. Kickstarter. These are things that have eased the pains of being a small- to medium-sized video game developer.  But the constant flood of new titles has increased the danger of falling into obscurity. Worse yet, such companies often have little-to-no marketing budget.

This is why public relations has become the go-to tactic for independent video game developers; the price of building a media following is much less than running an advertising campaign. Furthermore, as gamers tend to be skeptical of marketing messages, media coverage and word-of-mouth have proven to be far more effective.

Our resident gamer Chris Orris joined our team after covering eSports in South Korea for a gaming news site. Since then, he executed an award-winning PR campaign that helped a fledging Kickstarter campaign for an independent video game end in success. Chris is also developing his very own video game, so he’s sure to speak your language.

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