What Business Can Learn From a Squirrel

Whether it’s cold or warm outside my  back door, one constant around the bird feeders are the irrepressible squirrels. They never give up. They stick with their DNA-imbued mission. Nothing we people can do mutes or trumps their drive to do what a squirrel’s got to do.

I watched a couple of combatants battling for the best of my sunflower seeds on my porch this morning, when it suddenly occurred that I was seeing a life lesson. And I realized that marketers could take more than a few cues from these industrious critters.

Lesson one: Protect Your Nuts.

You have assets, values, ideas that represent the foundation of what you do well. Like the determined creatures out back, you must identify and seize upon those core values that make you and your company authentic, valuable, irreplaceable, and you’ve got to fight to keep those things. That takes determination, identification, constancy and realization … and the will to work hard to protect and tout those essential assets if you expect to survive another year.

Lesson two: Find and Discover New Nuts.

Its brain is smaller than yours … a lot smaller and a lot less sophisticated … but every squirrel understands that it will never survive by being satisfied with the nuts it knows. Discovery is part of the survival business of being a squirrel and it should be yours, too.  A great PR partner can help your business discover what you may not find on your own.

Lesson three: Never Assume the Old Storehouse Will Still be There.

Squirrels thrive on urgency. So should you. Like that birdseed thief on your patio, you’ve got to move fast, with constancy, to find new opportunities. Some opportunities will feed your business for a while, but none lasts forever.  We’re schooled in John Kotter’s Harvard Business School research on the need for what’s called a burning platform beneath you.  Urgency fuels continual investment to feed your future.  It’s prerequisite to your success, today and for as many tomorrows as you still have.  The right strategic communication tools institutionalize urgency and help you to prosper.

Lesson four: Climb and Stretch Without Fear.

Squirrels take measured, successful risks. They’re unafraid of stretching the boundaries of what they’ve done in the past. Their athleticism at making good on their mission carries a lesson for all of us. We need to be more fearless about discovering new things.  We should all be as willing to take leaps of faith in ourselves, challenge old assumptions and processes.  Again, the right PR partner (Quicksilver Edge) can help you identify those moments and opportunities. With the right partner you can leap without fear.

Lesson Five: Make Noise and Proudly Wave Your Tail.

Success breeds success, both internally and external to your organization. No one will notice your success or your worth unless you take pains to signal what you are and what you bring to your business environment.  Squirrels are irrepressible. You ought to be irrepressible too. But when your forte is, in essence, nut supply and multiplication, it doesn’t make you an expert in all the other aspects of success — like marketing, publicity, reputation, respect and trust. Squirrels do it all. You can’t.

Let us help. Sitting on your nuts today won’t grow you an oak grove tomorrow. We can help you locate new opportunities, act with urgency, help you stretch your capabilities and let the world know that you’re a serious asset that’ll be around for a long time to come.

Just like those little guys in your back yard.

The Democracy of Choosing Marketing Channels

One of the most frustrating aspects of democracy is that there’s no requirement to do research before casting a vote. I could spend hours studying candidates’ positions, histories and promises only to have my vote cancelled out by someone who picked their guy by the signs on their neighbor’s lawn. Yet any solution to this would in itself be undemocratic; quizzing voters at the booths, giving weight to votes based on education or otherwise hindering uninformed voting would skew representation toward the educated middle class and away from those who need it most.

Our partner Debra Bethard-Caplick and I were talking about this at lunch the other day when an idea popped into my head for five seconds before I bit my tongue. “Voter turnout is at an all-time low, but the government is spending lots of money on ads to fix this. Why don’t they just choose their marketing channels based on who is likely to do research before voting?”Obviously I took this back as it would have the same skewed effects as my earlier examples. But it still led to a long discussion about the ethics of a publicly funded campaign for anything electoral. Continue Reading

The Politics of $pending

Super Saturday marked the mad dash to the end of holiday shopping before the Dec. 25 deadline and a day expected to increase seasonal sales by 4 percent over last year. While politics may be the last thing on shoppers’ minds as they wait in checkout lines, market researchers, demographers and think-tank experts, alike, say political ideology shapes buying habits more than we realize, influencing where we shop and what we purchase.

Sharp partisan divide in brand allegiance can be found between Republicans who favor Coldwater Creek, Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart and Democrats who prefer Abercrombie & Fitch, Banana-Republic and Carson Pirie Scott according to numbers from the global credit agency Experian. University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business researchers found liberals inclined to buy planet-saving light bulbs at a higher price while conservatives eschew products promoted as ecologically friendly, predicating purchases on price point instead. Continue Reading

Diversity IQ Blind Spots

Ask a company executive – CEO, marketing exec, HR person – how they’re doing when it comes to diversity, and the probable response is “we’ve got this,” or something like it.

But even smart people don’t see what they don’t see. And most have an expensive blind spot in ageism.

That might be you too, a diversity IQ gap that hurts people and repels customers. Given psychographic and demographic changes across society it could cost you your business future, too.

Americans who become more experienced over time learn more about how to spend money on things and experiences they enjoy, desire or need, also learn who it is that respects them.

Companies spend billions refining language and marketing that appeals to multinational, gender and race segments, but ignore people they apparently label as “old.” Doing so makes claims of corporate values and ethics somewhat hypocritical. Continue Reading

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They have best insights as to how this whole meeting is likely

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The flood had caused some shopping mall and car park basements to be submerged. Around 70 people had to be rescued from cars and buses, as flooding shut down Orchard Road. Some people sustained injuries.[6]Notable Designer Replica Bags past and present landmarks[edit]The Istana is at Orchard Road’s eastern end.

They recruited 68 primary schools, and all students were given a half hour hygiene lesson. They then assigned half of the schools to a control group where children washed their hands with soap and water. The schools in the intervention group did the same, but were also asked to use classroom Replica Bags hand replica handbags china sanitizers when they coughed or sneezed, and before meals..

In dynamic times when women (and men) around the world are calling for change, Giorgio Armani is in a pretty interesting and powerful position. He was the go to designer for the boardroom feminists of the 1980s. His exaggerated tailoring Replica Designer Handbags empowered a generation of women, who needed a broad shoulder to show the world who was boss.

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With work out of the way, I hustled to a breakfast buffet and poured a gallon of sausage gravy over a stack of biscuits, replica Purse scrambled eggs and hash browns. My doctor had warned me against this kind of gluttony. But there no point in suffering through a clean diet if it one grand finale..

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Don’t just rearrange your income, either look for ways to save extra money, any way you can. The Digerati Life recommends doing everything from requesting higher withholdings on your tax forms, Replica Bags Wholesale to banking savings from coupons and discounts, to pretending you haven’t yet paid Designer Fake Bags down your debt (even if you already have). In the long run, it’ll make a significant financial difference..

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In testing, Hernandez’s DNA was found on the shell casing

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Both, but especially Office Space, with its sharp satire of

Your thoughts and feelings are shown to the world in your expressions, mannerisms, body posture and so on. At a deeper level, your thoughts and feelings impact on your bodily functioning and can manifest themselves as illness and disease within your body. Every idea, thought and belief you have can has a neuro chemical consequence.

“There are no special rules for sexual activity designated for Ash Wednesday,” says Thomas Humphries, an associate professor of philosophy, theology and religion at Saint Leo University, a Catholic liberal arts college in St. Leo, Florida. The only abstinence required, he says, is refraining from eating meat.

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So, let us rejoice, as there is [allegedly] another baby Gosling in the world. We like to imagine Ryan walking into the house after a hard day on the press junket circuit for The Nice Guys. He takes off his fancy junket clothes and puts on an old band T shirt and ripped jeans.

Working Girl and Office Space Ok, I cheated a little, but this one a two fer. Different Designer Fake Bags time periods, but both embodying the zeitgeist of the workplace at that particular place in time: the 80s in Manhattan, and the late 90s somewhere in corporate America during the tech boom. Both, but especially Office Space, with its sharp satire of endless bureaucracy and penchant for weekend work, as well as the fear of layoffs, are classics..

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Jesus took to Himself the punishment that each of us deserves and sacrificed to His own
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The ability to adjust nearly every piece of equipment in this

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She doesn’t seem terribly upset about the surprise publicity

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dildos You probably think I should tell her and that could help. While it could ease the burden it could potentially change our friendship for the worst because now she’ll question everything from the last 4 years. I went through hell when i wrote her that V Day letter way back and I’m not going through it again. dildos

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sex toys The only problem I have is that the massager is lacking in the settings department. I love evolved. I just wish this had a couple of patters along with the steady vibrations. And then, with, I attempt to add some personal insights from our bureau here, along with New York Times stories you might have missed and local recommendations drawn from our community.The mix also includes more opinion coverage from and about Australia.We’re also bringing in New York Times journalists for reporting trips and live subscriber events.This year, our visitors will include Francesca Donner, director of our new gender initiative, who will be here in March, and Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham, two of our savviest cultural critics https://www.Wellsextoys.com/, who will be here in May.All together, we aim to add a global perspective, cover news selectively anal sex toys, and experiment with new experiences of journalism (this is a personal favorite).Our ultimate goal: to do stories that reveal Australia to itself and to the world.But who are you writing for?Our audience is curious, eager to be informed and blurs the line between local and international.From what we can tell so far, our most loyal readers are “globalizers,” a mix of Australians in Australia (many with experience abroad) plus Australians living in other countries, Americans and other expats in Australia, and those of various backgrounds who have a connection to Australia or who are just curious and eager to understand this part of the world. That includes some Americans.Are the journalists in the Australia bureau American too?I’m American, yes, and so is Diana Oliva Cave, who oversees our video efforts (and happens to be my wife). Everyone else is from Australia or New Zealand sex toys.