Associations and Nonprofits

Specialty Panel - AssociationIf keeping an association successful was a matter of attracting and retaining members and their dues, it wouldn’t be much different than selling a product or service.  But unlike a traditional business in which customers occasionally shop and purchase, associations including non-profits require all-hands, continuous participation. This means that members must do more than pay dues and attend events; they must be “activated,” that is, motivated to devote time and effort to the continued success of the group. That’s why strategic communications is vital. Experts like ours at QSE can help an association manage its messages to not only grow and involve its membership base, but to get the most out of each member. All three of our founding partners have been active in associations for decades as employees, consultants and volunteers.  From crisis communications for a major nursing association to leadership positions within the Public Relations Society of America, Debra Bethard-Caplick, John Castagna and Sherree Geyer know what it takes to fulfill your group’s potential.

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