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When I initially saw photos of Reed Krakoff’s best-known bag style, I wasn’t inclined to jump on the Boxer bandwagon. Now that we’ve met, I have to tell you: the photos do not do it justice. The instant you pick up a Boxer, you’ll know what I mean.All those opposing straps and panels make it look complicated , but that’s no accident: the genius of the design lies in the elaborate complexity! This tri-colored, multi-material tote is surprisingly lightweight with endless functionalities. You cannot tell from the photos that the entire front-flap lifts up to reveal a hidden pocket; then look inside this structured top-handle: multiple interior pockets to keep you organized. And did I mention how lightweight the leather is?!With all the mixed-and-matched options, selecting a Boxer is a personal experience. Choose among cool white canvas and leather, neutral-toned leather, shearling and toasted brown leather, metallic anthracite, black calf hair,or suede and wool-felt. Of course, I’m partial to reptiles: the mix of the “Art Boxer” ($1,300 above and below) in bleached bridle, canvas and ayer snake is amazing (and mine!)!At Reed and at

Reed Krakoff is killing it with the boxer bags! Have you seen the shoulder flap styles? So chic! Now You have me dreaming of my own boxer..

I have seen the shoulder bags, LOVE them! xoxo Tina

I have loved the boxer bags from day one. So beautiful

Love this bag but I can’t find it! Did it sell out? Please help.

I am dying for a Reed Krakoff bag!!! SO gorgeous!

xo, Merritt

Manolos and Martinis

I posted this on Facebook as well, but I have been drooling over these since this was posted a few days back, oh my goodness, I am drooling again! 🙂 What an amazing bag?! The neutral color options make them even more “to-die-for!”

It’s really drool worthy, I have been using mine a lot! xo Tina

Is this available in Asia? Hong Kong or Singapore perhaps? It’s so gorgeous!!

I just ordered my first Boxer! They’re only available at Reed Krakoff stores or Saks. You can find them online at either,, or!

Barbara/Jean Ltd. In Little Rock high quality prada , Arkansas has the boxer bags on sale and the newest spring arrivals as well. You should ask for Connie, the accessory buyer to help you… Their toll free number is 1.800.207.2590.

Reed Krakoff Boxer Bag: So Glad I Gave It a Fighting Chance

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In fact, it can be described as the inimitable face of digital

There are other faint echoes. Last Saturday, Froome became the first British rider to win a mountain stage since Millar, whose third and final stage win in the Tour came in 1989. But the 1984 race was the Scotsman’s crowning glory. It is just that the more recent retired players are more fit and more consistent. It is really interesting to see the mixed up between the long time retired players and the recent retired players. But the balance between Shane’s team Warne’s team is unfair.

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American goldfinches are commonly known as the only finches in their family who have the ability to molt and grow new feathers. The male is characterized by a bright yellow in the summers, and a shade of olive in the winters. Similarly, females are seen in a yellowish brown shade, which turns brighter in summer.

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“[43]On October 12, 2013, Willis hosted Saturday Night Live

There’s another wrinkle I didn’t know about. To keep very young children going hour after hour, parents are jeopardizing their kids’ physical health. After a little girl face has been painted and her hair elaborately styled, there is the danger of things getting mussed by a nap or rest.

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Charles, rather philosophically, proclaims that he isn’t looking forward to his execution but “It’s a question of balance, isn’t it? Like so many other things” (Charles, played by Stephen Fry, is very much a pastiche of his modern day namesake the Prince of Wales). Sir Edmund proceeds to assure Charles that no one would dare to become the King’s executioner. Just as he says that, the King receives a notice that they found his executioner..

costume wigs When we got back, we ate (my mother did the craft services) and re enacted a couple of memorable sequences from Depp’s oeuvre, including Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, with Ben hamming it up brilliantly as Hunter S. Thompson’s sidekick, talcum powder substituting for cocaine. My fellow TIFF programmer Sean Farnel dropped by with his son Jimmy, who played a kid whose birthday party I’m hired to appear as Depp. costume wigs

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Lace Wigs It’s just the sheer novelty of being able to play the same character over 25 years and still be asked back is fun. It’s much more challenging to have to do a film again and try to compete with myself, which is what I do in Die Hard. I try to improve my work every time.”[43]On October 12, 2013, Willis hosted Saturday Night Live with Katy Perry as a musical guest.[44]Willis will star in the movie adaptation of the video game Kane Lynch: Dead Men, named Kane Lynch.[45]In 2015, Willis made his Broadway debut in William Goldman’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Misery opposite Laurie Metcalf at the Broadhurst Theatre.[46]. Lace Wigs

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Michael “Big Mike” Heck Sr. (John Cullum, introduced in season 1) is Mike’s reclusive, man of few words father, who is a widower. He appears to be an unloving, uncaring parent, but this is primarily because he simply does not want to be a “bother” for either of his sons.

wigs online While white women in comedy like Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer, Rebel Wilson, and Kate McKinnon routinely use their physicality for laughs, Haddish noted that that freedom is not as readily available for black women. So when she began to create Dina in her mind, Haddish looked to a pair of her biggest comedy idols: Whoopi Goldberg and Charlie Chaplin. “Whoopi Goldberg in Jumpin’ Jack Flash was the first black woman I ever saw get to be really physical,” she said. wigs online

wigs online We then build an additional golden statue of Thomas Chabot and proceed to win an additional 16 Stanley Cups, thus usurping the Habs Cup number. We keep Melnyk locked in solitary confinement within the new downtown arena where he is chained to a chair like Sloth in The Goonies and forced to watch all of our games, including Cup wins without him, and he is only fed liver. We then build an even grander statue of Alfredsson, with his arms outstretched, behind the existing statues of Karlsson and Chabot, blessing them with his fatherly love.. wigs online

Lace Wigs My son is too young for candy so I’m making him a basket of plastic eggs filled with his favorite puffs. Literally bought a bag of $1 plastic eggs and used a $3 bottle of puffs I already had to fill them. It’s just something for him to enjoy while everyone else is having candy and snacks Lace Wigs.

The company also offers somewhat less sexy gift boxes

I’ve also used it to penetrate my vagina. Its small size and short length are immediately apparent as soon as I insert it, and I think there is zero chance of it reaching the g spot or producing a “filling” feeling. However, the ridges do feel very good on my labia, especially if I thrust in and out very fast, and it is so slender that it is easy to use as a warm up.

dildos Tenga always wants us to take care of our adult toys and the Moova is no different. The inner hole can be fully extracted and turned inside out for cleaning. You can then place it on the stand (integrated into the cap) for drying.. Unbound was created by a group of NYC based women in February 2013 to help women empower themselves through sexual exploration. The company specializes in monthly subscription boxeslike the BDSM box (filled with handcuffs, nipple and clit clamps, and more), theG spot box (comes with lube and a g spot vibrator) and even a strap on box. The company also offers somewhat less sexy gift boxes, such as the period box, pregnancy box and the “Ovaries Before Brovaries” box. dildos

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vibrators I like to snuggle on the couch for a movie. I like to snuggle in bed for about 10 minutes and talk before I am ready to roll over and go to sleep. It not a never, but I very rarely like to cuddle after sex. Otherwise, they’d be all you needed, right? And I know I’m not like that. And unless you believe in fate (I don’t), you can’t be guaranteed of meeting that one person, or that the person born with the potential to become your soulmate will actually turn out that way, or whatever. There are just too many variables. vibrators

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Ownership of all the swans on the Thames is divided between

Funds you guys they’re excited fetus. Isn’t it about experience and you did it is not okay. Only has a waiting Clark not animal. When swans were first introduced into Britain (probably from Cyprus around the 13th century) they were very rare and considered a great delicacy in the kitchens of the nobility. In the 15th century, they were proclaimed royal birds and the reigning sovereign was and still is, Seigneur of the Swans. Ownership of all the swans on the Thames is divided between Her Majesty the Queen and two of the oldest trade companies in the City of London, the Dyers and the Vintners..

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wholesale nfl jerseys Baltimore again was pinned deep, at its 10, but Flacco led a 13 play drive. Ray Rice, whose 83 yard run on the Ravens’ first play from scrimmage in their wild card round victory here three years ago, ran left untouched for the TD.Awakened by Baltimore’s march, the Patriots staged a long one of their own, 79 yards, aided by a 15 yard personal foul by Ravens linebacker Dannell Ellerbe. Wes Welker picked up 24 yards on a short pass, then got free in the right corner of the end zone after a mix up in the Ravens’ secondary, making it 10 7.It was 13 7 by halftime as Gostkowski connected from 25 yards, with New England outsmarting Baltimore several times. wholesale nfl jerseys

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This team became known as the Yellowjacks after Flight

The script of the film is written by comedian Hitori Gekidan along with Wataru Takahashi.[2][3][4] This movie was released in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore theaters with English subtitles as Crayon Shin chan: Fast Asleep! The Great Assault on the Dreaming World!.[5][6][7]One night, the Nohara family were enjoying a pleasant dream, when suddenly a big fish appeared in their dreams and ate them. The next morning, Hiroshi read in the newspaper that everybody in another town had the same nightmare as him, but it seemed to have ended. But Hiroshi also heard the same dream from Misae, Shinnosuke, Himawari and even Shiro.

Women’s Swimwear Throwing a sharp object with accuracy is not the same as pressing buttons. Even if you play some nintendo simulation of darts it not the same thing. You missing the point and getting caught up in the minutiae. The year is 2008, and the world teeters on the brink of war. Radical ultranationalists have seized power in Moscow. Their goal: the reestablishment of the old Soviet empire. Women’s Swimwear

Bathing Suits In 1964, the Red Pelicans, flying six BAC Jet Provost T Mk 4s, assumed the role of the RAF’s leading display team. In that same year, a team of five yellow Gnat trainers from No 4 Flying Training School displayed at the Farnborough Airshow. This team became known as the Yellowjacks after Flight Lieutenant Lee Jones’s call sign, “Yellowjack”.. Bathing Suits

beach dresses Sir John Arthur Trudgen picked up the hand over stroke from South American natives he observed swimming on a trip to Buenos Aires. On his return to England in 1868, he successfully debuted the new stroke in 1873 and won a local competition in 1875. Although the new stroke was really the reintroduction of a more intuitive method for swimming, one that had been in evidence in ancient cultures such as Ancient Assyria, his method revolutionized the state of competitive swimming his stroke is still regarded as the most powerful to use today.[9] In his stroke, the arms were brought forward, alternating Monokinis swimwear, while the body rolled from side to side. beach dresses

Tankini Swimwear The most recognizable “pros” are not signing up to online competitions.This could change during late February, as during mid Feb there were supposed to be tournaments announced. Over wise it is just wasting of my time.If NaVi is going to drop me out, it is not a problem, I do understand this. I think NaVi doesn need Quake too if there is no regular tournaments. Tankini Swimwear

beach dresses It was just way too big/long. He just walked over to it, stared at it for a second, then hoisted it up with this primal snarl and hauled it like 20ft before dropping it with this bark snapping thud. My panties dropped at the same moment.. They want to know the name of the song as well as the artist. Remember the first impression always matters, and this as well applies here. Do not leave the listener confused between the name of the song and the artist.The appropriate naming format for music in the SoundCloud platform is Name of the Artist followed by Name of the Song. beach dresses

dresses sale We got LOTS of comments, compliments, and people talking to us; and we weren even trying to talk to people. The only people we saw that probably upstaged us were 2 guys in christmas suits very similar to these. We probably could have garnered TONS of attention if we tried to talk to everyone and make them comment on our outfits, but that wasn the goal, we were just having fun. dresses sale

Monokinis swimwear In fact, I encourage Play Doh color convergences. Besides learning that yellow and blue make green, it neat to see all of the colors swirled together. We have a Tupperware like lettuce container filled with a big blob of mixed Play Doh. You will probably have help. If you fall, helpful hand should set you back on your feet. If you can’t take it if black spots appear before your eyes, if you develop tunnel vision or feel faint crowd surf your way to the edges where a very large man will lift you free of the crowd. Monokinis swimwear

wholesale bikinis This “Best Garden in Florida” was viewed by my mother me when the azaleas camellias were in full bloom. Once privately owned, this exquisite home, grounds lake are now a State Park. Come along take a look!Images of the Edison and Henry Ford Winter Homes, Gardens and Lab in Fort Myers, Florida. wholesale bikinis

Cheap Swimsuits On an evening in September, members of Congress came out of a meeting with Bernanke and Paulson, during which they were given “grim news” about the state of the economy. Paulson, despite his supposed ideological opposition to government intervention, had unfurled a $700 billion bailout bomb. Contemptuous of his hapless prey he even insisted that Congress deal themselves out of oversight of the funds.. Cheap Swimsuits

Monokinis swimwear I appreciate you are trying to help. I have told her that she needs to see a therapist. I told her this is not normal behavior and she needs to see someone who can help her. NBC Universal officially took over as owner of USA and its sibling cable channels (except for Newsworld International) in 2004. That year, USA premiered the sci fi series The 4400. In 2006, USA premiered Psych, a comedy drama focusing on Shawn Spencer (James Roday), a man with a photographic memory and learned observational skills who claims he is psychic after being falsely accused as an accomplice in a series of murders and opens up a detective agency with childhood friend Burton Guster (Dul Hill) as an unwitting partner; the series ran for eight seasons (becoming the network’s longest running series) until it ended in March 2014 Monokinis swimwear.

The semantic content for the symphony I linked is obviously

The difference between Smach Team and Nintendo is not the hardware they make but the validity of the company. Nintendo has already earned the reputation for producing hardware for years. Smach Team can afford to keep things in the dark. Then recreate your playlists in MMW, abandon iTunes, and sync to MMW to MediaMonkey Android (MMA) on your phone.There MediaMonkey Gold for Windows, but you don need that to do what you want to do (it basically adds format conversion during sync and auto playlists). You need the Pro upgrade on Android to do a Wifi sync to it, but if you OK doing USB sync you won even need that. It cheap, though, and a one time only charge, and you don have to worry about which features you do and don have if you go that route.How about when they shut down the campaign for the Kleins (Sweet Cakes by Melissa, bakers with religious objections to participating in a gay wedding).

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Bathing Suits We are a leader in providing connected vehicle services. Our connected vehicle services are designed to enhance the safety, security and driving experience for vehicle operators while providing marketing and operational benefits to automakers and their dealers. We offer a portfolio of location based services through two way wireless connectivity, including safety, security, convenience, maintenance and data services, remote vehicles diagnostics, and stolen or parked vehicle locator services. Bathing Suits

Bathing Suits This last week was not particularly good for shareholders in Equifax (EFX). After news broke of a massive data breach at the company, shares of the company dropped 13.7% on Friday, driven by fear of the value destruction that might take place as a result. In what follows, I will detail what I believe to be realistic in regards to the fallout of the news and will also explain that while the maxim that you should buy when there’s blood in the streets is broadly true, this time may be different.. Bathing Suits

Sexy Bikini Swimsuit It pretty long dresses sale, but here a collection of videos by legendary composer and conductor Leonard Bernstein explaining semantics in a symphonic work:Music for some people isn just a collection of mysterious sounds but actually an easily identifiable collection of patterns and formulas. When some people with the training and knowledge to literally write down any piece of music they hear the first time, it no longer necessary to have words to describe what we feeling because we both have spent enough time with music and the other poster prototype theory. The semantic content for the symphony I linked is obviously rife with symbolism, something like the 4 Seasons by Vivaldi is maybe less obvious with it, the Spring Sonata by Beethoven is definitely more obscure with its themes, and something like Beethoven 5th Symphony has no outright links but listening to the previous works I guarantee you immediately have a more informed and contextualized experience of the semantics involving his life, his instruments, his music, the performer life, their instrument, and their vision. Sexy Bikini Swimsuit

Women’s Swimwear A final iteration titled Dead or Alive 5 Last Round was released for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and for the PC Steam in 2015. Training Mode has more features than the previous Dead or Alive games, including allowing for players to adjust the AI opponent’s behavior. Online modes include an ability to organize and host tournaments for up to 16 players, Spectator Mode enabling users to chat with other players while watching fights, and Online Dojo, a training mode where one can practice with other players.[4] Extras include Spectator, where players can watch replay of their matches, or watch fights between two AI players, and also take photographs from a position and angle of their choosing with a fully controllable camera.[5]Further information: Gameplay of the Dead or Alive series. Women’s Swimwear

cheap swimwear In Windows, the GUI is the same for a particular Windows release, for every default installation. Almost everybody knows the green “Start” menu button with blue taskbar, and the grassy hill with the blue sky in Windows XP. This is not the same in Linux. cheap swimwear

Bathing Suits I out of the house from 8 5.30. I have a short commute (I hope to never have a journey longer than 30 min to get to work). I try to do a lot of my grocery shopping on my (hour long) lunch break, and just put it straight into the car (non perishables) or in the fridge at work for the afternoon saves me having to go shopping as much after work!. Bathing Suits

Bathing Suits At least 10 min to get a power rack OR a deadlift station. Around 20 for a bench. All because they got rid of shit. National has a bit of a trickle down belief (this statement could be influenced by my bias). We also have any number of other parties that need to obtain either one electoral seat or 5% of the over all national vote to get a seat in Parliament. A party percentage of the vote determines how many seats they get Bathing Suits.

When tax rates are high, such as our current environment where

We expanding our operation this year and are going to get some meat chickens. I think having a direct hand in caring for the food that I eat and a connection to the land (plus bountiful greens for salads right now, as it winter) has helped me improve my lifestyle. Ah, I burnt/killed plants doing the same thing.

iphone 7 plus case At the premium end of the market, design, looks and overall aesthetics matter a lot more than a smartphone that only works well and is pragmatic. The recent launches of Samsung Galaxy Note8 and the upcoming iPhone X with full screen, bezel less displays and overall design, Apple and Samsung have taken the aesthetics and design language to the next level, Singh emphasised. Said that, initial reports suggest that camera remains a strongpoint for the Pixel range, apart from giving stock Android experience with updates available as soon as they are released, the IDC India analyst added.. iphone 7 plus case

iPhone Cases Unlike most types of income, such interest earned on bonds or GICs and quarterly dividends received on equities, the decision to realize a capital gain today versus at some date in the future is generally a matter of choice and thus taxation can be deferred indefinitely or at least until death, when there is a deemed disposition.Now that the oil industry boom is behind us, it is obvious that Canada has a chronic problemThis makes capital gains much more sensitive than other types of investment income to changes in the tax rate. When tax rates are high, such as our current environment where top marginal rates on regular income exceed 50 per cent in more than half the country, individuals who own capital assets are generally more reluctant to sell them as they require greater benefits to outweigh the capital gains tax burden they will incur when they sell. For these investors, the capital gains tax effectively reduces the probability that a given stock will be sold. iPhone Cases

iPhone x case Effective immediately, Aurora has appointed Marc Lakmaaker as Director, Investor Relations and Corporate Development. Mr. Lakmaaker joins Aurora from NATIONAL Equicom, Canada’s largest integrated communications firm, where he was Director, Investor Relations and head of the organization’s CleanTech practice. iPhone x case

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iPhone Cases Even as the damage from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma is still being tallied, a preliminary assessment released last week estimated that as many as 300,000 borrowers in the vicinity of Houston could become delinquent on their loans. Borrowers without flood insurance could weigh their options and decide to walk away from the property. While they will get some federal relief iphone 7 case, if rebuilding would cost more than the principal in their homes, they could decide to walk away. iPhone Cases

iphone 7 plus case These sweepstakes are void where prohibited by law and outside the Sweepstakes area defined below. Sweepstakes are open only to legal residents of California who reside within the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, Kern and Inyo in California, and Esmeralda County, Nevada, who are age 18 or older as of the time of the Sweepstakes announcement who have not won any prize from KTLA TV in the 60 days preceding the particular Sweepstakes. Employees of other media companies (including television and radio stations), Sponsor and its parent corporation, subsidiaries, or affiliates, and such employees’ immediate family (parents, spouse, siblings, grandparents and children) or household members are not eligible to enter or win the Sweepstakes. iphone 7 plus case

iphone 6 plus case The biggest advantage with this method of watching TV online is that you can virtually watch TV from any country and from any where in the world. All one needs is high speed internet connection to watch local TV stations even in far away places for work or leisure. It has basically made TV become mobile and accessible everywhere.. iphone 6 plus case

iphone 8 plus case So, in most cases, fire everyone and start over. There are always exceptions to the rule, but they are few and far between. I have found that it is easier to train a new manager than to retrain the existing one.. Florida’s exemption, on the other hand, has no maximum dollar amount. In Florida, exemption is allowed as long as the property is no more than half an acre in a city or 160 acres elsewhere. In the past, this has allowed people to keep multimillion dollar homes while declaring bankruptcy iphone 8 plus case.

You’ll be taken to a processing page that says Lucky Bloke up

The 9 Function playful curve is made of PU coated plastic, so it is phthalates free and is non porous (however, it can still cling to bacteria so make sure to wash it carefully.) In your hand it feels very smooth and extremely hard. There is nothing soft or bendy about this toy. There is no drag on the skin or the genitals, so very little lube is necessary for play.

butt plugs It can be hard to figure out how to deal with people asking invasive questions, particularlyif you live in a culture where you’re taught to be polite to others, especially elders, and it’s an important part of your values. A (sometimes rather pointed) “pardon me?” is an answer that’s both perfectly polite and unobjectionable while also putting people on blast that what they’re saying probably isn’t very appropriate. By reflecting the question back on the asker this way anal sex toys, you’re forcing them to rethink whether that question is such a good idea. butt plugs

sex Toys for couples With a suction cup base, you can place Luke onto almost any flat surface. You’re then free to mount the dildo and ride. The dildo is detailed with veins along the shaft and a realistic cock head. Stay calm: Do your best to stay as emotionally detached as possible when the other person or people become agitated: if you stay calm, it’s easier to think clearly so you can keep yourself safe. When we stay subdued, it’s also harder for other people to stay agitated and they can be less likely to escalate. It can also be something that helps you to feel more able and empowered.. sex Toys for couples

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sex toys We’ve both been reading this site, and we decided to post here (I’m the only one with direct access to the account as per the rules of the forum, but she reads it and has equal input in what I post).How could I keep my longing for her under control so we can take things slowly and enjoy our love?Also, she never tried to experiment and find out her sexual desires and what she enjoys, what turns her on, because she never saw the need. She wants to take it slowly, and I’m fine with that, although my overactive libido isn’t. She said she wants to wait to have sex until we’re in a stable situation, preferably married, and that she will probably start experimenting to find out what turns her on within a year, if not longer. sex toys

vibrators Shame about being too sexually confident or precocious. Despite the tremendous pressure to be perfect in bed, women also face shame when they perceived as being too experienced. We often worry about toeing the line between chastity and “sluttiness,” afraid to fall too far to either side. vibrators

cheap sex toys Even so, if she’s at all unsure about her own action she may just assume you’re thinking she’s a slut or something, and if that happens you’ll have to reassure her that you think she’s great and her sexual choices are her own affair, but you want her to be safe and around for a long time because you love her. It is not meant to and cannot substitute for advice or care provided by an in person medical professional. The information contained herein is not meant to be used to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease, or for prescribing any medication. cheap sex toys

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cock rings Just savages re located that’s all. The sick/self destructive behaviour remains the same. You just don’t get it do you?? Until you do “get it” > you’re going to have to put up with all this critisism. Personally, I find it quite surprising that the school administration doesn’t want to do anything about this. In my last years of high school, they really started clamping down on that sort of behaviour they even told us we weren’t supposed to hug each other. Also, honestly, they aren’t literally, like, having sex, are they cock rings.

Then you would either go to the Ballista to shut it off

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileCiting his age and deteriorating health, 85 year old Pope Benedict XVI told the world that he would retire Feb. 28, leaving the papacy vacant as of this Thursday.Retiring Benedict to be called ’emeritus pope’Canadian cardinals prepare for tough papal decisionPope Benedict’s retirement a teaching opportunityThe news caught even those cardinals closest to him off guard not to mention the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics.Now, as the Vatican prepares for the selection process to choose a new pope, shock has faded into speculation as to who Benedict’s successor might be and what challenges and opportunities he’ll inherit and create.In this week’s episode of CBC Live Online, host moderator Lauren O’Neil spoke canada goose to three panelists and viewers about what’s next for the Vatican, Catholics in Canada, and congregations around the world. He will join us from Toronto.

buy canada goose jacket Apparently, the Sand Worm is supposed to deter you from going to the boss fog or going to the Demon Ruins bonfire; canada goose factory outlet vancouver the canada goose outlet official hope was that you would find the canada goose outlet online “secret” entrance into the ruins via the Ballista canada goose outlet london breaking open the floor. Once there you have a quick jog to the Old King Antechamber bonfire. Then you would either go to the Ballista to shut it off, or you would progress through to the ruins bonfire where you would be behind the worm.. buy canada goose jacket

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