QSE and Chris Orris Win Award of Excellence at PRSA Chicago Skyline Awards

Last December, QSE member Chris Orris helped our client, Snowed In Studios, reach their crowdfunding goal of 50,000 CAD in 30 days, and that success has been recognized by our peers. The campaign was the runner up in its category at last night’s PRSA Chicago Skyline Awards ceremony.

The PRSA Chicago Skyline award follows the same format and requirements as the national Silver Anvil Awards, but focuses on Chicago’s top talent.

The Kickstarter campaign was for Snowed In Studios’ first independent video game, Windforge, and QSE joined the campaign after it had stalled at 30% of its goal with half of the allotted time lapsed. Chris coordinated with Snowed In Studios to provide marketing consultation, media relations work and video production. The campaign was a success with 62 seconds left, earning pledges from nearly 800 different supporters…and launching a really cool game to boot.

Congratulations, Chris!

Why Napoleon Has More Followers than You

Napoleon the first holding an iphone

Napoleon was known for his innovation on the batttlefield.

@Napoleon_Bonaparte: “Soldiers! Forty centuries behold you!”


French nationalism existed since Joan of Arc, but it was Napoleon who best championed it. His quotes (of which there are many) did wonders for inspiring courage in his men. But what if his quotes were all he had? What if he amounted to nothing more than a well-dressed man with platitudes, a loud voice and a podium (and likely a stepping stool, too)? Continue Reading