Kickstarter Campaign Success Brings QSE to Silver Anvil, Chicago Skyline Finals

We’re going to the finals! We’re going to the finals!

Last December, we helped our client Snowed In Studios reach their crowdfunding goal of 50,000 CAD in 30 days. The campaign has made it to the finals for both the local Chicago Skyline Award as well as the international PRSA Silver Anvil award.

The Skyline Award ceremony is on Tuesday, June 10 in downtown Chicago, and the Silver Anvil ceremony is on June 12 in New York City. We’ll be present at both, with our fingers crossed to the bone!

According to PRSA National, there were 843 submissions to the Silver Anvil awards. Quicksilver Edge was one of 156 to make it into the finals.

The PRSA Silver Anvil award was founded over 60 years ago to recognize the industry’s best campaigns. Experts fly in from around the country to judge submissions, and the best three campaigns of each category make it to the finals. Then, one winner is selected from each category to take home an official Silver Anvil.

The PRSA Chicago Skyline award follows the same format, but focuses on Chicago’s top talent.

The Kickstarter campaign was for Snowed In Studios’ first independent video game, Windforge, and Quicksilver Edge joined the campaign after it had stalled at 30% of its goal with half of the allotted time lapsed. Quicksilver Edge coordinated with Snowed In Studios to provide marketing consultation, media relations work and video production. The campaign was a success with 62 seconds left, earning pledges from nearly 800 different supporters.

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