The tour includes a visit to the Black Forest

For those who want to see the entire “Jesus Loves Nukes” presentation for themselves, it’s available on the Air Force’s FOIA site, where documents that people have gotten with FOIA requests, which is how this presentation was obtained, are available to the public. There’s no way to post a direct link to the documents, so here’s how to get to it. Select “Miscellaneous” in the drop down menu, and hit “Search.” (Just leave the default asterisk for “Document Name.”) The documents, titled “ICBM Training Material,” will show up on the first page of the list, and you can download click to read them as a PDF.

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cheap moncler sale “We will be taking strong action today,” he tweeted without giving details.Trump was briefed on the possibility of sending troops to the border last week by Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and White House moncler factory outlet aides and loved the idea, according to a senior White House official who added that senior policy adviser Stephen Miller has also been involved in the planning.”Let’s kick this into overdrive, and give me a plan,” the official said, describing Trump’s reaction to the notion. This person, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal White House deliberations, moncler sale said that there was no apparatus in place “this moncler outlet minute” but that it was cheap moncler outlet likely to happen.There was no detailed plan to discuss sending troops to the border publicly before Trump’s impromptu comments, this person said, and it caught the communications office off guard.At the follow up briefing Tuesday, Trump and his advisers “also agreed on the need to pressure moncler outlet online Congress to urgently pass legislation to close legal loopholes exploited by criminal trafficking, narco terrorist and smuggling organizations,” Sanders said.Defense cheap moncler jackets sale Department spokeswoman Dana White said late Tuesday: “There are a number of ways the Department of Defense is already supporting the DHS border security mission. We are still in consultation with the White House about ways we can expand that support.”Trump’s comments Tuesday echoed similar policy decisions he has announced during his presidency that are short on specifics, leaving administration officials scrambling to fill in the details cheap moncler sale.

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