Julianna Margulies added to the broadcast network glow by

Were more passionate about their work. Be it Raj Kapoor or Manoj Kumar, they were ready to put everything on stake for their films. It more materialistic now. (CNN) Maybe it was just a case of delaying the inevitable during Monday’s 66th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony.Having showered an array of major nominations on cable, Netflix and movie stars while seeming to further diminish the so called “Big Four” broadcast networks, Emmy voters in a sense recanted on the big night.Eleven of the 25 trophies an unusually high percentage these days went to traditional over the air networks, while Netflix and the marquee movie stars got shut out. As they’ve tended to do in the past, voters instead rinsed and repeated by rewarding previous winners.The six main categories are instructive.AMC’s “Breaking Bad” defended last year’s championship in the Best Drama Series as it knocked off HBO’s much heralded “True Detective,” which won just one Emmy all night.In the Best Comedy Series, ABC’s “Modern Family” prevailed for the fifth year in a row, tying the record set by NBC’s “Frasier.” Netflix’s drama fueled “Orange is the New Black,” which entered itself in this category, did go to jail but did not collect any Emmys.Julianna Margulies added to the broadcast network glow by winning a second Lead https://www.thebeatlestimeline.com Actress in a Drama Series Emmy, this time for her role in CBS’ “The Good Wife.”For the first time at any of this year’s major awards ceremonies, Matthew McConaughey came away empty handed in the Lead canada goose outlet Actor in a Drama Series for his showy role in HBO’s “True Detective.” Bryan Cranston out dueled him and won his fourth Emmy for “Breaking Bad.”Having someone else do the acceptance speech legwork was a theme this year, as Stephen Colbert had Jimmy Fallon take the stage and act as his mouthpiece for the outstanding variety series Emmy win. “I want to thank his wife and his children,” Fallon said, playing along as Colbert whispered in his ear.

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