European union treats us very unfairly

In the current market, this is probably generally true. At 20% down payment, you end up paying as much interest as you do your principal. So you effectively end up paying double the price of your home. PMQs sketch: The SNP did not bare their bottoms, but Boris Johnson’s head now looks like oneSunday Mirror Political Editor Nigel Nelson witnesses one of the oddest PMQs ever as Brexit makes MPs go mad13:56, 13 JUN 2018They were protesting at Scotland’s shabby Brexit treatment and demanded the Commons sit in private which means Mr Blackford would have stayed while the rest of us would have been thrown out.That seemed unfair. We’d done nothing wrong.The Commons would have gone dark with no media coverage, which is not the way democracy should be conducted.Instead Mr Blackford refused to resume his seat prompting the Speaker to eject him.For a moment the SNP looked like they might stage a sit in instead of a walkout and the deputy Serjeant at Arms fingered his sword ominously.But as Mr Blackford harrumphed out they followed.There was some insulting gesticulating at the Tory benches as they went.This was reminiscent of that wonderful scene in Braveheart when Mel Gibson and his army bare their bottoms at the English. The concerned woman desperately tries to stop the men fighting.

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