I particularly like the way Lovatt

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moncler outlet store He’s really personable and good with the staff and players, which has helped moncler outlet store him to settle in quickly. cheap moncler coats On the pitch, everyone has been excited by his performances; he’s an eye catching player.”We’ll just keep pushing him to add to that with an end product so he can add goals and assists, as he has been doing, and can have a bright future in the game.”Read MoreManchester United key informationWhere can he play?A left footer, Chong has featured in a left wing role in his youth but made his U23 debut on the right wing and has featured primarily on that flank for United.However, as he showed in the Youth League against Liverpool, his versatility allows him to pop up anywhere across the front three.What awards has he won?Chong was crowned Jimmy Murphy Youth Team Player of the Year at the moncler outlet uk 2018 end of season awards dinner beating off stiff competition from Lee O’Connor and James Garner.What has he had to say?”I think it’s the dream of everyone in this room to play in the first team,” he told MUTV. “But obviously we’re still focused. moncler outlet store

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